I've finally moved into my wonderful new cottage-studio, made for me by my wonderful, not new, hubby :-)  It has heat and air conditioning, which makes all the difference in the world for productivity.  And it has plenty of space for display of jewelry and easy storage of show materials .  Take a look!

As you can see, we went for the English cottage look - complete with rain barrel and hedgehog boot scraper.  And the door (as well as the interior walls) are my favorite turquoise color.

My torch bench is stainless steel and has a view of my backyard area due to windows in front of the  torches. The labeled glass storage is all overhead, seated on top of the twin ventilation fans.  And there is room for a second torch for a friend to come over and play.   (After 32 years of teaching, I do not intend to teach lampworking as a second career, so the second torch is just for playtime.)

The ventilation system is awesome, with a full length hood above my torches, and an auxilliary fan helping exhaust the ductwork at the opposite side of the building.   Fresh air inlets come through the wall directly in front of the torch.
After five years of trying to torch on the back porch, I'm like a little girl with a new playhouse!