About Me

I am a retired Chemistry teacher (32 yrs. of teaching) and discovered lampworking back in 2004 as a result of a Lilly Teacher creativity grant.  Retirement has given me the luxury of time to explore this wonderful glass medium and the Lilly grant gave me the initial where-with-all to find my niche in the glass world.   

I have been married since 1966 (you figure it out) to my fellow science teacher and developer/contractor husband, Xavier.  We have two grown children and six grandchildren who, along with glass, seem to fully fill the days.    Other pursuits -  sewing, gardening, oil painting and boating -  have seemed to take a backseat since I started lampworking :-)   

We live a few miles outside of  the lovely little town of Pendleton, Indiana where much of the town is on the historic register and  Fall Creek goes over its falls in the town park.  It's small enough to get to know people and close enough to Indianapolis to give access to lots of activities.

I am a member of ISLAGA (Indiana Society of Lampwork and Art Glass Artists) and ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers) and Indiana Artisans