Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June 18, 201:
    The 2014 show schedule has been updated and is live on my Events page.  There are a few changes this year as I am trying some new shows and dropping a few old friends to mix things up.  I also will be leaving my beloved CCA gallery in Zionsville at the end of July, so the only way to find my jewelry after that time is by email, phone, finding me at a show,  OR, if you are going through Concourse B at the Indianapolis International Airport, you can find a small display of pendants and earrings at the Broadripple Book and Gift shop.

Here's new design I've been playing with, full of filigrana discs and silver coils.  It sold  to my booth neighbor, Cindy Cradler, even before the Talbot Street Art Fair began this year, and I'm playing with more color combos :-)

And here is a dogwood bracelet made with the same interlocking silver coil techniques:

Of course there are still more floral leis on hand:

And some floral clusters:

And some funky drops:

And yes, I'm still making critters too:-)

I will be taking the summer off from shows, but will be back at it with a vengeance starting the weekend after Labor Day, here in Pendleton at the Heritage Fair in Falls Park.  And new shows that I'm really excited to be part of  are the Carmel International Art Fair on the 27th and 28th of September and Studio Showcase at Kate Van Sciver's lovely home at 5914 Stafford Way, Indy.

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  1. My parents bought me the black and silver swirls necklace at the start of this post for Christmas. I LOVE IT!! Do you still have the bracelet and earrings? I would love to have the set.
    Jane Winslow
    (509) 5310-0121